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What is Snuff? :
Herbal leaves for Herbal Snuff & Tobacco leaves for NonHerbal snuff are dried and grounded in powder. Once it is grounded various essential oils are added for developing a blend in a variety of flavors.

How to take Snuff? :
Snuff comes in a wide variety of flavors: Rose, Chocolate, Coffee, Mint and Orange to name just a few. The most popular use of Herbal snuff is taken a pinch between your thumb and forefinger and sniff it lightly into the nose or it can be sniffed with the modern bullets available with us.

Quit Smoking :
As of today, there is no definite evidence found to prove that Herbal snuff products cause cancer or any other Health Hazards. Chain Cigarette smokers can fall into a plethora of dangerous health risks. Herbal Snuff forms an ideal substitute for cigarette smokers. It is a proven fact that snuffing reduces the health risks associated with cigarette smoking and can curtail the use of or entirely eliminate the use of cigarettes. Hence Herbal Snuff products stand in a remarkable position as a safe alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products available on the market.

Benefits :
  • Herbal snuff is safer
  • Herbal Snuff products are available in competitive prices
  • Herbal Snuff products are made from Non-smoking elements.


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