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At Dholakia, we ensure that the quality of snuff products manufactured by us remains unperturbed during every stage of production. For manufacturing high quality snuff products, the latest infrastructure is a pre-requisite, hence we have imbibed a modern day infrastructure, in harmony with state of the art technology, to manufacture snuff tobacco products, which, from the time when it is picked to the time it is packed, has the essence and originality of tobacco, intact, without any intrusion of foreign elements in it. In other words, it can be stated that, the tobacco products are ânever exposed to contaminationâ may it be, in the middle of any processing stage.

Grinding Process of Snuff Tobacco

Snuff Tobacco is grounded to fine particles without leaving a single tobacco leaf uncrushed. Tobacco leaves of even sizes, with whole tobacco substance, are selected to ensure that the volume of tobacco powder or tobacco flour is full of authentic Snuff Tobacco with no external substances coming directly from the farms. The machinery used for grinding Snuff Tobacco, delivers tobacco, in excellent powdered form which is later mixed with different essence for producing flavored Snuff Tobacco products.

Snuff Tobacco Products are manufactured under the assistance of our skilled workforce who makes it certain that the quality and purity is sustained during any given processing period.

As there is a paramount concern on keeping the Snuff Tobacco Products safe and hygienic, the team handling the processing wears masks to preserve the purity of these Snuff Tobacco Products.

Packaging Infrastructure

There are specially designed machines meant for packaging snuff products in various packages and sachets. They are packed in the loose forms as well as in sachets form. Irrespective of the material in which it is packed, the packaging machine assemble the snuff tobacco products with considerate preciseness and finishing.

Snuff Sachets are sealed from all corners and then the essence of different flavors are sprayed to keep the tobacco in its novel state and leave a fresh and pure element on the inside as well as the outer layer of the packaging.

Automated packaging systems deliver evenly sized sachets with different portion of tobacco contents, categorizing diverse flavored snuff tobacco products, segment wise.

The infrastructure has a department of cold storage system, where snuff tobacco is stored in large quantities without leaving any ray of doubt of it loosing its originality. Hence purity, quality and hygiene of these snuff tobacco products is preserved, right from the time when tobacco leaves are picked, to the time when they are delivered to clients across the world.